I believe everyone has two homelands; one is his own, the closest one; and the other one is Italy.

(Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel prize in Literature, 1905)

Yes! Italian language schools for foreigners do exist in Italy

Invisibility - This is a very real problem for Italian language schools for foreigners when confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic. How to manage the normal everyday operations of its Italian language classes for foreigners, the marketing of the school, all of this presents very real and difficult problems - on the face of it insurmountable.
Despite the fact that Italian language schools have existed for decades, most Italians are unaware of their existence. What’s worse is that they are ignored by those institutions who benefit from their existence and that should actually have the obligation to support them, a support which would also very much serve their own interest.
For this reason, prior to formulating marketing proposals for the study-travel industry, we need to set out clearly who we are and what we represent to the fabric Italy and to the Italian economy. The development of cultural tourism, both in terms of image and turnover (direct and indirect) is of great importance for this country. However, the existence of over 200 Italian language schools is forgotten, unseen. These schools are important dynamic cultural centers of attraction for the foreign cultural curious traveler, interested in spending time in Italy not only for a carefree vacation, but for an enriching linguistic and cultural experience .