I believe everyone has two homelands; one is his own, the closest one; and the other one is Italy.

(Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel prize in Literature, 1905)

Italian language schools for foreigners and the COVID-19 pandemic: press review

One of the consequences of the invisibility suffered by the Italian language schools for foreigners is the very scarce presence of news concerning them directly. While for other categories (hotels, bars, restaurants, commerce in general, transport, etc.) it is not unusual to find articles or news reports that highlight the problems of the various sectors, there are very few references to the daily struggle of all the schools, centers and institution that deal with study holidays and Italian courses for foreigners.
With the exception of some praiseworthy episodes, almost always linked to the initiative of individuals rather than to a real interest of the press in the issue, it is decidedly easier to find surveys concerning tourism in general, a subject which, however, concerns, albeit indirectly, also the Italian language schools for foreigners located in Italy.

Italian language for foreigners and the COVID-19 pandemic

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Tourism in Italy and the COVID-19 pandemic

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