I believe everyone has two homelands; one is his own, the closest one; and the other one is Italy.

(Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel prize in Literature, 1905)

LICET Schools

In the past 20 years the Italian schools for foreigners have grown in quality and number. They are not exclusively located in big cities such as Rome or Florence anymore; they are no longer just in large centers and provincial capitals. Nowadays, cultural travelers can choose between a myriad of schools scattered all over the Country, from the small town on the southern shore to the charming medieval villages in the Center, from the regions of the North to the Islands: so many are the specialized centers able to accommodate students of all ages who stay in Italy for the most diverse reasons and who intend to take advantage of the opportunity to be in this country for the sole purpose of learning the Italian language. All these schools, which at the beginning of their adventure were only focused on organizing and promoting Italian language coursesare now efficiently organized to meet the requirements of their target audience, developing a large number of cultural activities which are, very often, the key to get truly integrated in the Italian lifestyle.