I believe everyone has two homelands; one is his own, the closest one; and the other one is Italy.

(Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel prize in Literature, 1905)


How LICET was established and how to join

The SCUOLE LICET (Lingua Italiana, Cultura e Turismo) Association was born, we would say spontaneously, in June 2020, following a series of discussions between a number of schools of schools of Italian as a foreign language scattered throughout the country. Themes such as the crisis of tourism, the collapse of international travel, the fear for activities that provide for socialization and the perspectives of a recovery of cultural tourism that will presumably take many months if not years, are some of the elements that inspired us to create a group in order to face said problems together.

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Yes! Italian language schools for foreigners do exist in Italy

Invisibility - This is a very real problem for Italian language schools for foreigners when confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic. How to manage the normal everyday operations of its Italian language classes for foreigners, the marketing of the school, all of this presents very real and difficult problems - on the face of it insurmountable.

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